About Us

In 1994, while conducting research for her Masters degree in music, Lilian Niemann began investigating the link between music and maths. Spending time at Eastern Cape primary schools, she soon discovered a backlog among learners when it came to maths. After talking to a colleague, Lilian decided to start a Saturday township school, where she could spend time helping disadvantaged learners catch up to their peers.

Eighteen years later, Lilian’s once a week school has grown into an education success story and that’s not just for her, but for over 31 000 learners as well.

Situated in the thriving urban heart of Nelson Mandela Bay, the business, now known as E-Square Enterprises, consists of primary, secondary and tertiary education institutions: Ed-U College, Ed-U Academy and Ed-U Varsity. Each of these institutions, although different in their learner/student base and programmes, all share the same goal: to produce self-motivated individuals who are ready to tackle the next phase of their lives, be it at an education level or in the corporate world.

With a strong focus on both education and entrepreneurship, we aim to develop learners in a way that encourages self-motivation, one that will see them realising bright futures as business starters and leaders. Our programmes are developed specifically around practical teaching and learning, giving learners the chance to gain experience and build on their expertise in the working environment.

Well aware of the job shortage currently facing South Africa, we hope that through education and skills development, we can do our bit towards combating unemployment in Nelson Mandela Bay and the rest of the country.

Our passionate and dedicated team is focused on making quality education a priority for all South Africans.

  • Ed-U College: Pre-Primary & Primary School
  • Ed-U College: High School
  • Ed-U College: Saturday School
  • Ed-U Options Academy
  • Private FET (TVET) Business College
  • Matric School
  • Matric Distance Learning
  • Matric Upgrading School
  • Ed-U City Campus
  • Private University
  • School of Business


Meet our dedicated team

Lilian Niemann
E-Square Enterprises

Malanie Ferreira

Ed-U College PE NPC High School, Principal

Ed-U Academy Matric School, Principal

Ed-U College PE NPC, Music, Arts and Culture Academy Principal

Noel Long

E-Square Enterprises

Marketing Manager

Christiaan Niemann

E-Square Enterprises Tax Consultant

Rushdien Lagardien

Private Schools PE NPC


Coen Bester


Le Roux Niemann


Ben Gribb