Time Management Tips For Students

Time Management Tips For Students

Time management is skill that must be learnt. When there are a number of things pulling your attention, it’s important to be able to separate priorities from one another. This however, does not always come easy.

Assignments, tests, deadlines, exams, class tasks are just a few of the important academic responsibilities you are required to uphold. Throw in a few clubs you are apart of and friends and study groups, and you’re bound to let something slide due to lack of time and planning.

Read these tips from Timeman.com on how to take control of your time and thus your successes.

Time Management Tips For Students

Are Managers the New Entrepreneurs?

Are Managers the New Entrepreneurs?

Is entrepreneurship something that interests you? Perhaps you’re leaning more towards a managerial role? If you answered “yes” to either of these questions, you’d find the below article a good read. If neither of these career roles excite you, read it anyway – it’s great to get some perspective on industry trends.

Bizcommunity posted an article, outlining the ways in which managers are facilitating an entrepreneurial relationship between themselves and their employees.

Click on the here to read more.

E-Square offers various qualifications that can assist you in your career goals, and we’d love to hear from you.

The Working World Exhibition 2017

The Working World Exhibition 2017

The Working World Exhibition will be taking place from 28 February 2017 – 2 March 2017 at the Nelson Mandela Stadium, from 8:30 to 15:00

Students are encouraged to come and visit the E-Square stand and have a chat to us where we can discuss various courses and study options to choose from.

The Working World Exhibition is designed to empower students and position them for the world of work. The overall experience is interactive and centered around students, to identify with and find meaningful.

Career resoruces and career experts will be sharing opportunities in areas of employment, where there is a shortness in skills as well as bursaries and scholarships.

Give Matric Another Shot!

Did you know that E-Square offers you the opportunity to re-do your matric certificate?

If you wrote matric between 2010 and 2012, you are able to improve your final symbol.

The matric school also offers students the opportunity to complete their matric via our Distance Learning Programme.

Distance learning enables learners to study from home for the Old Syllabus (NATED 550), that is now known as the Amended Senior Certificate. Learners are required to complete all course work on their own and follow their respective programmes.
They are allowed to take five subjects per year and receive their modules monthly. Learners can register with Ed-U College (PE) as their examination centre, or the examination centre closest to where they reside.

Matric school Edu-Square

Invest in Your Future with the School of Business

Invest in Your Future with the School of Business

The School of Business offers a variety of Short Skills Programmes that can assist you in achieving greater opportunities in the workplace.


These courses include:

Business Management

Customer Service

Human Resources

Office Administration

Leadership Development



And more!


Click on the “Ed-U City Campus” tab on our website to find out more about the School of Business.