Private University

Accredited Qualifications in Logistics, Business, HR, Marketing, Music, Art & Design, Educare, Public Administration, Finance,

Hospitality and Catering, Tourism, Public Relations, Office Administration and Information Technology…

With a strong focus on business education and training, Ed-U Varsity takes a practical approach to learning. Through teaching and

promoting entrepreneurial skills, we ensure that all of our learners leave with the skills they need to succeed in a business environment.

Our classes are small and our programmes carefully designed to meet our students needs.

Students complete a theory component, and practical application is achieved through group work and various fun projects designed to

encourage interaction and provide insight into working environments. Projects include: presentations, simulated talk shows and

pressrooms, plays and debates.

Why Choose Ed-U City Campus: Private University?

Accredited Qualifications:

  • One Year Certificates
  • Two-Year Diplomas
  • Three-Year Diplomas and Degrees
  • Part-Time 12 to 16 week Short Skills Programmes
  • Sporting activities such as Soccer, Rugby and Netball
  • Fun extramural activities such as Choir, and Leadership opportunities in the SRC
  • Lecturers are industry experts who use interaction and practical applications in the classroom
  • Small classes with individual attention
  • Private institution with high pass rates (95%)
  • Accredited Programmes and a variety of choices
  • Accommodation can be arranged
  • RPL and Career Testing is available to applicants
  • Students do homework in the Labs with Internet access
  • Close to public transport, Cafes and various shops
  • Affordable interest free tuition instalments
  • Friendly atmosphere and open door policy with easy access to staff and educators
  • Assistance with Financial Aid Forms, Early Bird Discounts, Academic and Sports Bursary opportunities
  • Annual events such as Entrepreneurial Market Day, Career Workshop and Graduation Day
  • CCTV and security guards keep the campus safe
  • The Website, Facebook, Twitter, notice boards and Quarterly Newsletters keep students informed
  • Easy Online Application

Ed-U City Campus: Private University offers various study options:

  • Full qualifications including Certificates and Diplomas
  • Short Learning Programmes through the School of Business

Programmes offered on a full-time basis maximize students time in class, but also allow them enough free time to enjoy socialising, taking part in sporting or cultural activities, or fit in a part-time job. Classes are run on a two semester basis, starting in February and
finishing in December. Students are encouraged to participate in all aspects of student life throughout the year.


Accredited Qualifications Offered:

  • Higher Certificate in Tourism (one year)
  • Diploma in Tourism Management (two years)
  • Diploma in Public Relations (two years)
  • Diploma in Office Administration (two years)
  • Diploma in Information Technology (Technical Support) (two years)



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