Pre Primary & Primary School

At Ed-U College Pre-Primary and Primary School we do things a little differently, starting right from the very beginning with our ABCs. We believe education is about more than just learning to read write, and count (although without a doubt that’s very important) we believe it’s also about laying solid foundations for life. Which is why we celebrate individuality, build confidence and emphasize social development. Ed-U College provides a happy, vibrant environment in which young minds can explore and develop.


We keep our classes small to promote personal attention, and through doing so, are able to ensure that our learners grasp the curriculum to the best of their abilities. We believe education is not the sole responsibility of schools, but that it also lies with parents. We rely on their assistance in providing a motivational environment in which their children can thrive. Our ultimate goal is academic excellence and success.

2018 Start dates:

Start of Classes in 2018: 17 January 2018
If you’re interested in enrolling your child at Ed-U College Pre-Primary or Primary School, or would like to find out more, please contact us. 041 450 2550 or e-mail

Co-curricular activities

The social calendar at Ed-U College is tailored to suit the varying needs and lifestyles of each of our learners. Through a wide range of activities we ensure that our learners get to enjoy a healthy balance of cultural, social and academic pursuits. Most importantly, they have fun while they learn.

Our established music department offers lessons in African drums, keyboard, marimbas, piano, recorder, and vocal training. We encourage our learners to take part in events throughout the year, and those who are interested in doing so, enter local, national and international competitions.

Just as in the class room, important life skills are often taught on the sports field. The need for team participation and cooperation sees learners developing group interactive and social skills — from playing as a team to win the match, to working off excess energy with a game of catch. Our learners receive top sports training, cultivating a desire to excel on the sports field just as they do in the classroom.

Sports offered:

Foundation Phase

  • Ball skills

Intermediate and Senior Phase

  • Cricket
  • Netball
  • Rugby
  • Soccer
  • Cross country



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