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FET Programmes


Business Management (12-24 Months)

Basic theories, skills and tools are taught enabling you to improve your management performance. General business competencies are covered such as profitability, reporting structures, target marketing, attaining objectives and goals.

Office Administration (12-24 Months)

A programme designed for those responsible for developing procedures to make the administrative component of the organisation more efficient and effective thereby aiding the organization to attain its mission, vision, and objectives.

Project Management (12-24 Months)

This programme is divided into three fundamental aspects of Project Management – Organizing, Planning and Controlling. You will learn all the techniques needed to put the appropriate management and supervisory structures in place for projects of any size.

Entrepreneurship (12-24 Months)

A programme which teaches you how to plan and prepare for a new venture from concept to launch. Such a new venture could be your own business or the planning of a new division within a current business.

Leadership Development (12-24 Months)

A course for junior managers that will teach the skills required to solve problems and make decisions by investigating problems, applying and implementing general solutions and evaluating the effectiveness of the solution.  This course also includes techniques required to raise moral standards within a work environment as a counter to potential or real corruption within the work environment with focus on ethics.

Marketing Management (12-24 Months)

Product positioning, product life cycles, identifying and using marketing resources, market segmentation and positioning strategies, all form part of this exciting programme.

Human Resources (12-24 Months)

Apply the required legal requirements in the performance of relevant business activities with special emphasis on contracts primarily used in the business context. Demonstrate an understanding of the social contexts and values underpinning skills development.  Promote the legislation that directly or indirectly support skills development, apply the different strategies for implementing the skills development laws and apply the relevant values, laws and strategies in the workplace.

Public Relations (12-24 Months)

Gain essential knowledge of the concept of corporate identity and exposure and impact of implementing corporate identity and branding. Gain essential knowledge of the various functions related to public relations and marketing through research of market attitude in order to provide support, both practically and administratively to promotional efforts.

Finance for Non-Financial Managers (12-24 Months)

This programme is designed to equip non-financial managers with a level of knowledge and understanding of financial management, relevant to their function. They will learn to interpret basic financial statements and apply the budget function in the business unit.

Stock & Fixed Assets Management (12-24 Months)

This programme teaches the basic principles of stock and fixed asset management in a business unit, the monitoring and control of actual expenses and income against projected budget and the planning, development and application of an inventory.